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Canadian Lawyers Go Mobile

Total Mobility. Zero Compromise.

Comprehensive Cloud Software

A knotty array of Law Society & CRA requirements has kept Canadian lawyers tied to office systems — until CosmoLex Canada. CosmoLex is Canada’s first true “100% pure Cloud” practice management software. Not some “pseudo Cloud” (called “hosted” or “hybrid”), which could have bigger challenges than outdated desktop products. Cloud practice management for lawyers is the “new normal” for all the reasons you’ve heard about. Speed, convenience, simplicity, efficiency & more. Once you put your practice on the Cloud, you’ll get more work done in less time, with less effort & fewer headaches. You get more, and pay less — that’s why it’s called the Cloud Revolution!

Work from Anywhere…at Anytime

Lawyers are constantly on the go — and CosmoLex goes with you. CosmoLex puts everything you need at your fingertips – case information, calendar, emails, tasks, timekeeping, billing, bookkeeping, trust accounting, and more. CosmoLex web-based practice management brings the resources of your entire office with you to the courthouse, to client meetings, on airplanes, at your favorite coffee shop, and to your home. It’s amazing how much out-of-the-office “downtime” suddenly becomes productive – all thanks to CosmoLex.

On Any Device

Most of us use more than one mobile device. Even in a small firm, everyone seems to have their favorite. PC or Mac, Desktop or Laptop, Tablet or iPad, Android or iPhone — CosmoLex works on all of them! Any device. Any platform. Use whichever one is handy or whichever is your favorite. And there’s no extra work that you need to do to support any or all of these devices & platforms.

Always Be Current

The best thing about anytime/anywhere access is that everyone in your firm will start to use CosmoLex throughout the day. (The shared calendar & task tracker will see to that!) Soon everyone will be helping with practice management – on the fly — without even knowing it. Your firm will be continuously current — and month-closing-craziness will be a thing of the past.

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Hi-Tech with No Worries

Small & mid-sized law firms simply can’t afford the never-ending expenses necessary to maintain office software, networks, servers, database hygiene & backups. CosmoLex handles all of the technical details – backups, bug fixes, upgrades, etc. — in the Cloud. All you need is a device with an internet connection. We personally handle all support (unlimited & free) — so you can effectively stop worrying about downtime, “fatal errors”, lost data & all those unplanned IT expenses.

Blazing Fast

CosmoLex is the fastest legal practice management software on the market. No “virtual network” connection. No “click & wait, wait, waiting to load” like you see with other web apps! That’s because CosmoLex is built by Cloud computing experts & located on high-capacity, high-availability, secure servers on world leading Amazon Web Services.