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Eliminate Docketing “Leakage”

Docket your time on the go! CosmoLex legal billing software captures time & disbursements — in the moment. Nothing slips through the cracks as you track time on multiple matters all on-the-fly — no matter how hectic a workday. You can even flag future events to become “billable” as soon as they occur. With the CosmoLex mobile app & built-in timers — you’ll finally be able to keep accurate time records. You’ll endure a lot less “leakage” — and enjoy significantly higher billings.

Better Billing…Faster Payments

CosmoLex law firm billing software gives you complete coverage for all of your billing chores. One-click, batch processing for all client invoices, past-due notices, and low-retainer reminders accelerates payments… as does letting clients pay bills or retainers via credit card online. CosmoLex’s integrated bookkeeping allows you to instantly post disbursements or draw payments from retainers. Your general & pooled trust account balances are kept current & properly managed for compliance — all in real time.

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Professional Invoices Help Improve Payments

Your law firm has its own identity — and it will stand out with CosmoLex invoices. CosmoLex invoices include itemized listings of fees, disbursements, GST/HST, and more. Customize your invoices — adding logos, letterhead, personal messages, or other special touches. It’s all about getting clients to recognize your invoices — and pay them quickly!

Fast, Easy Billing

Gone are the days of complicated billing & invoice printing, scanning, and mailing. You’ll create invoices, past-due notices & low-retainer reminders – ALL with one simple click in CosmoLex’s legal timekeeping & billing software. When your invoices are ready, it takes just one more click to email or print them.

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Legal Billing - CosmoPay

Integrated Client Credit Card Payments

Credit card payments are a win-win for both your practice and clients. You get faster payments and clients appreciate the convenience of paying legal fees by credit card. Built-in credit card processing (powered by LawPay) makes it easy for you to accept credit card payments for invoices, legal fees & retainers. And thanks to CosmoLex’s built-in accounting, you get a true end-to-end solution that automatically manages the correct allocations for all received funds along with daily reconciliations to keep you fully compliant.

Built-In Collection Functions

Every law office grapples with non-paying or slow-paying clients. CosmoLex gives you the advanced functions you need to improve collection efforts — without the administrative headaches.

  • Invoices that clients can easily understand — and pay
  • One-click, personalized “overdue invoice” notices
  • A credit card payment option makes it easy for clients to pay bills and trust retainers
  • Include a “retainer replenishment amount” as part of every invoice to clients with retainers
  • Send “low-retainer reminders” to just those clients that need them — with just one click
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