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Learn Why Lawyers Are Switching to CosmoLex

I love the ease of use – you can pick it up in a couple of hours and you are off to races! It takes me minutes to run our accounts instead of hours – the cover letters are built right into the invoices and we have customized with great support from the team at CosmoLex. We love that we can run the reports that we need for the Law Society of Ontario, and that the Ontario tax rates are right in the system. The fact that it is on the Cloud is great for technology and ease of use reasons. CosmoLex’s integration with Office365 has also been a great bonus.

Lorna M. Yates
Cohen Peeters Yates LLP
November 2, 2018

It has been over a year now since I discovered CosmoLex. In that time they have grown to well over a hundred customers in Ontario including myself and all my colleagues. My bookkeeper Sue keeps in touch with them constantly and passes along suggestions to improve the product which they implement rapidly. What one has to understand is that CosmoLex is a wholly cloud-based product. Enhancements just show up, you need do nothing, it is backed up for you by then and if you wish automatically on your own server, it never crashes and frankly, the best thing about them is their free service with caring experienced people. I am glad to say that PcLaw, its crashes, and data corruption are a thing of the past.

Howard Dyment
Howard S. Dyment Family Law, Ontario
July 25, 2018

I was looking for a complete solution to my practice management and accounting needs. I tried various other platforms including PCLaw and Clio, but they lacked in usability or functionality compared to CosmoLex. PCLaw is not cloud based, while Clio lacks firm accounting functionality and though they advertise quickbooks syncing, there are major issues with the syncing that requires a great deal of work by the end user.

CosmoLex is able to do virtually everything Clio can do with respect to practice management and even has a few unique features. However, where CosmoLex really shines is with its built in accounting system. As a Canadian Lawyer we require certain functionality that our American counterparts do not and CosmoLex has done a great job of meeting our needs. CosmoLex can properly deal with our HST/GST/PST issues and payments as well as offer us accrual based accounting as we are required to use by law.

There is NO other cloud based platform with an all-in-one solution for Canadian Lawyers. This is a time and money saver for any firm.

Marc Cumbo
Cumbo Law, Ontario
May 25, 2018

The easy to use interface is really well designed, other products were too clumsy and not as user friendly

Daniel Briere
Briere Immigration Services, Calgary
May 25, 2018

As a new solo lawyer I was looking for Canadian options other than PC Law. Cosmolex fit that bill. Cosmolex is currently the only viable option for the Canadian marketplace without having to use cumbersome workarounds and fixes to integrate with Accounting software and it hasn’t disappointed. The support has also been very responsive in the switch over process and the team seems to be responsive to new suggestions.

Colin Sullivan
Sullivan Law & Tax, Newfoundland and Labrador
May 18, 2018

I was using PC Law, constantly had tech issues, backup issues and could not use it remotely. CosmoLex was the only bookkeeping software that was law society compliant and which was cloud-based that offered client management, docketing and all bookkeeping functions, as well as additional functionality that just makes all our lives much easier. Our staff can now docket and work remotely and our bookkeepers do not have to be on site to reconcile and perform other tasks.

Aaron Grinhaus
Grinhaus Law Firm, Ontario
May 2, 2018

I decided to use a cloud based system to avoid the data corruption problems experienced with PC Law. The CosmoLex cloud based system permits access from any computer anywhere in the world. I can even input time and client expense from my iphone. CosmoLex is also easy to learn and user friendly.

David Hager
HagerLaw, Ontario
April 22, 2018

CosmoLex enables me to cover all accounting and firm record keeping on one platform. I am working with an accounting professional in Canada and she appears satisfied with the response for improvement from your company. Upgrades and adaptation for Canadian users are reported and you appear to be developing them. Many intuitive sub reports and there is an ability for each user to add more.

Norman Griesdorf
Norman D. Griesdorf, Q.C., Ontario
April 12, 2018

I was looking for an alternative to PC Law. I wanted the software to be cloud-based so it would work on our Apple devices. [CosmoLex] was affordable, and that was attractive. It is pretty user-friendly. Online live agent help is incredible. Ongoing software changes (for no additional fees) and free access to training videos is a huge bonus.

Lisa Burgis Der
Der Barristers, Calgary
April 4, 2018

We are a new firm and setting up with Cosmolex has been smooth. Meets our Canadian accounting needs. No need to use Quickbooks! Cosmolex provides excellent support including very useful training videos.

Carol Watson
Law at Work, Ontario
March 28, 2018

Using a third party platform for accounting didn’t make sense any more…conflict check approach is good and I like the ability to handle my accounting within the case management software.

Andy Patzig
Patzig Law, Virginia
March 16, 2018