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21st Century Practice Management Tools

Your clients expect efficiency & rapid responses. CosmoLex’s comprehensive array of law practice management tools makes it easy to meet all their demands by giving you one place to go to get all your work done. One login, from anywhere, gives you access to Documents, Email, Calendar & Tasks, Contacts, Case Workflows, File-Centric Records & more. Clients will be impressed at how you streamline & protect their confidential communication with a built-in
Secure Client Portal.

And CosmoLex connects with tools you know and love — Office 365, Google, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, & more. Practice Management has many components to it — but that does not mean you need to struggle with multiple software systems chained to an office network. Today’s lawyer practices in the cloud!.

Cutting-Edge Legal Billing Improves Cash Flow

Time is money! And CosmoLex takes the time out of billing. CosmoLex Cloud makes it possible to capture ALL billable time and disbursements — in the moment — with your mobile app. Nothing slips through the cracks anymore. No more futile searches for “missing time”. Your bills go out complete, current, and on time — with a single click. CosmoLex even includes credit card processing (powered by LawPay) at no additional charge! It all adds up to better, faster cash flow. Click here to see how CosmoLex speeds up your billing & payments by making it easier than you’ve ever imagined.

Compliant Trust Accounting

CosmoLex’s built-in trust accounting ensures you’re always ready for the next Spot Audit. Built-in safeguards protect you from common trust accounting errors — like overdrafts or commingling of funds. Easily generate all the required Law Society Trust Reports with a click. No more losing sleep about proper trust accounting — CosmoLex has your back!

Built-in General Ledger Accounting

CosmoLex gives you built-in, Canada-compliant, general ledger accounting — right alongside practice management, trust accounting, and billing where it belongs! CosmoLex handles all of your business accounting, eliminating the need for third-party accounting software (such as QuickBooksTM). Try CosmoLex today and see how you can get all the benefits of practicing on the cloud without compromising a bit on accounting, compliance or anything else…

Legal Billing - CosmoPay

Built-In Credit Card Processing

Credit card payments are a win-win for both your practice and clients. You get faster payments and clients like the convenience of paying legal fees by credit card. Built-in credit card processing (powered by LawPay) makes it easy for you to accept credit card payments for invoices, legal fees, & retainers. And thanks to CosmoLex’s built-in accounting, you get a true end-to-end solution that automatically manages the correct allocations for all received funds, along with daily reconciliations to keep you fully compliant.

Secure Client Communication

Email is simply no longer safe for your client communications & documents. That’s why CosmoLex gives you a built-in Secure Client Portal. Bank-grade encryption and access protocols provide the extra level of security you need for sending messages & documents between you and your clients. CosmoLex’s Secure Client Portal keeps your clients happy and your sensitive information secure.

FREE External Bookkeeper Login

With CosmoLex, your bookkeeper can work remotely! We make it easy by providing a FREE login for your external bookkeeper (with your permissions & controls, of course). When you need help — your bookkeeper can log in to the system no matter where they are. Providing increased efficiency — at no extra charge — is one more way CosmoLex helps keep law firms financially compliant.