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Meet Our Leadership Team

At CosmoLex, leadership is all about following. Following our mission to provide better tools to simplify the tangled web of operational details that plague small law firms. And following our core values to maintain the highest level of professionalism with customers, partners, and with ourselves. These values emphasize competence, courtesy, commitment, and clear communication. With a strong mission and values to guide us, we lead CosmoLex to achieve new levels of excellence through our creativity, innovation, and dedication.

Rick Kabra, Ph.D.


I work diligently with our entire team to advance CosmoLex each and every day. It is my personal responsibility to continue developing the vision of CosmoLex as our company and capabilities grow, and to communicate this evolving vision with our entire staff in order to work towards fulfilling our mission and goals. I take pride in understanding the ever-changing landscape of the legal market and ensuring that CosmoLex is not only a critical tool for law firm success but that our company is slated to lead the market well into the future.

Maintaining a great company is not simply about having a great product like CosmoLex. For me, it’s about having the right people to drive the company forward. Through a hands-on approach to leadership, I can help each team member develop their professional passion and make sure they can find the right fit within our company.


What do you enjoy most about working at CosmoLex?

There are two major parts of working at CosmoLex that bring the most joy to me. One, personally seeing CosmoLex users achieve tremendous efficiencies by leveraging technology is amazing. Whether they are a new firm, just starting out, or a well-established practice with many years of experience,  seeing the difference that our application can have on their office…it can be game-changing. Additionally, working in an open atmosphere with a great staff lets me witness employees realizing their passion and fulfilling their dreams and developmental goals. Helping our customers and staff grow helps me grow and gives me a purpose to what I do on a day-to-day basis.

Pankaj Gupta


I am here to lead, innovate, deliver and maintain the entire CosmoLex Product Technology Ecosystem. I work with each department at CosmoLex to determine the direction and growth of our application. Through input from our users, advisors, and the legal community, I work with a passionate and energetic engineering team to develop and deliver cutting-edge solutions that simplify law firm operations.


What do you enjoy most about working at CosmoLex?

Every day, I get to come into an office and work with like-minded people working together with a prime focus on Customer Success. We make fast and precise decisions, we are all accountability-driven, and we all challenge each other to bring continuous innovation in our process and operations. There is never a dull moment here at CosmoLex and I look forward to leading our continued advancement and growth!

Erica Birstler

Director of Strategic Communications

As Director of Strategic Communications, I help CosmoLex users and prospective users to better understand what makes CosmoLex unique and useful through our various seminars, webinars, and other presentations. Having nearly a decade of experience in the industry, I also utilize my specialized knowledge of the legal community to help our staff at CosmoLex better relate to law firms and their needs — empowering our internal team to communicate more effectively.


What are you most excited to see happen at CosmoLex?

Within the last 5 years, I have seen the legal tech industry change dramatically. Technology has advanced, modern functions are being developed and law firms are finally seeing the value that technology can provide to them and their clients. CosmoLex has big things planned and I can’t wait to see how we continue to evolve and push the industry forward over the next few years.

Joshua Goldberg

Director of Marketing

At CosmoLex, I help drive the CosmoLex message to lawyers across the U.S. and Canada. I lead the marketing team in our efforts to educate legal professionals on everything there is to know about running a small to mid-size law firm in a fast-paced, modern world. Through this knowledge, we help lawyers see what sets CosmoLex apart and help them to make informed decisions about the future of their law firm.


What do you enjoy most about working at CosmoLex?

What I enjoy most about CosmoLex is the relentless focus on delivering a best-in-class software that will help lawyers in the daily management of their business. Our entire team is all-in and operates each day with a “whatever it takes” attitude!

Laurie Guthrie

Client Relations Manager

As Client Relations Manager and an advocate for our users, my role is to make sure that law firms not only start off on the right foot with CosmoLex but to also make sure that through the life of their account, they know that someone is here speaking for them. I interact with each departmental team (Technical Services, Sales, Engineering…) at CosmoLex and make sure that our clients’ voices are heard!


What do you enjoy most about working at CosmoLex?

On the professional side, I really enjoy the fact that I am the person our clients can come to with anything and everything. I am here to make sure that we are all doing everything we can, in every department, to make sure that our clients are finding the success that they need and want.

On the personal side, I really enjoy the fact that we are a family here. We celebrate each other’s highs and we are here for each other when we may be at our lows.

Afaf Wills

Technical Services Manager

I lead our dedicated Technical Services team to engage and deliver a quality support experience to each and every CosmoLex user. It is my goal for our department to always provide exceptional support and comprehensive resources to our clients. This means working with my team to strengthen our knowledge through direct communication with Client Services and Engineering — allowing us to learn what the users want and how we can deliver the best user experience.


What are you most excited to see happen at CosmoLex?

CosmoLex is continuously growing, and I look forward to helping bring the Technical Services team and CosmoLex to the next level. I truly believe that it’s not work if there’s passion. I am lucky enough to be able to work alongside a group of individuals whose passion is CosmoLex and to uphold our mission to help law firms run a better practice by simplifying business operations and leveraging technology.

Spoorthi (Sophia) Shivamurthy

Sales Manager

I mostly work behind the scenes with our awesome Sales team to make their everyday job easier. Sales is different at CosmoLex. Our team members will never push you to make a decision or put you in an uncomfortable situation. We strive to be a true buyer’s facilitator and help lawyers through their evaluation process of finding a program that is best suited for their setup.


What do you enjoy most about working at CosmoLex?

The growth opportunities that we have and willingness of management and other team members to identify our strength and help us grow into a role that works the best with that strength has made my CosmoLex journey wonderful. Added to that is the family vibe we have in here — we’re all friends and will do anything to help each other out.

Joji Thomas

Data Migration Manager

My primary role as the Data Migration Manager is to lead new CosmoLex users in the proper migration of their law firm’s data from their previous software into the CosmoLex application. I work closely with every new client who requires our services to determine their unique needs and best approach for success. Our entire data migration team is trained to help you navigate the data migration process in a way that makes you feel comfortable and it’s my job to ensure you are satisfied with your migration and are ready to start using CosmoLex.


What do you enjoy most about working at CosmoLex?

We have a great product and I love being able to contribute to the growth of the company. Every day, we make improvements to our data migration process and even I learn something new. Along with that, the staff & management here are friendly and always willing to help if needed. I am looking forward to growing both professionally and personally with the company and staff.

Also taking the time to celebrate hitting goals, reaching major milestones, and just spending time together at social hours are definitely a plus in keeping the energy & morale of the team up.