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Tech Tip #44: You Have an Ethical Obligation to Thoroughly Vet Cloud-Based Vendors

Lawyers have an obligation to exercise reasonable care to keep data and files confidential, which means you have to trust that the technologies you use at your firm are also keeping your data secure. Here are 7 topics to consider when doing your due diligence during the selection process of cloud-based vendors: 

  • Does the vendor store data in the United States?
  • What measures does the vendor take to secure their data center?
  • Do they offer two-factor authentication?
  • How often do they back up their data?
  • Is there an uptime guarantee in their terms of service?
  • What levels of encryption do they employ when transmitting data or while in storage?
  • Who owns the data? Will you be able to extract all of your data?

Learn more about how you can protect your client’s data in the cloud.

CosmoLex Team

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