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Trust Accounting compliance is mandatory. Yet, each Law Society has its own set of Trust Accounting requirements. This is why PCLaw desktop software was popular with Canadian lawyers in the past. Now, as lawyers move online, CosmoLex is the only modern Cloud practice management system that provides robust, built-in accounting. Including trust accounting that is fully CRA & Law Society compliant. With CosmoLex, you don’t need QuickBooks or any other accounting program.

CosmoLex Advanced Trust Accounting
Gives You All These Features & Safeguards…

  1. Commingling Protection – every penny is tracked to its client matter
  2. Automatic Overdraft Prevention – as disbursements are entered
  3. Multiple Bank Accounts – manages all your bank accounts for trusts
  4. Trust Balances & Activities – can be displayed on client invoices
  5. Pay Invoices – using trust-to-general account transfers
  6. Trust Funds Transfer – from matter-to-matter
  7. Single Matter / Multiple Trust Bank Accounts – easily managed
  8. Guaranteed Accuracy – easily managed
  9. Rock-Solid Bank Reconciliations – closed books can’t be changed inadvertently
  10. User-Level Access Controls – “need-to-know” access controls for trust activities, bank accounts, reports
  11. Law Society Compliance Reports – a complete set of reports built-in
  12. 3rd-Party Liens – tracked & paid from trust upon settlement
  13. Comprehensive Audit Trail – CosmoLex logs key activities

Cutting-edge tools like these help eliminate compliance worries about your trust accounts — and everything else. You can trust CosmoLex to run your practice more safely than ever!

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