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Safe & Secure Document Exchange

The CosmoLex Secure Client Portal makes it incredibly easy — and safe — for your clients to work with you. You & your clients can exchange documents that are automatically stored with the correct matter — each one properly marked in a pre-designated folder. Both parties gets an instant notification when a new document is posted. And everything done via the Client Portal is protected by CosmoLex’s bank-grade security & encryption technology. This is 21st-century lawyering!’

Accountability & Security

Keeping client records & communication secure is of critical importance. It’s also a responsibility that rests squarely with your firm. When client communication is loose – phone calls, emails, texts, etc. — accountability is vague & security is lost. With CosmoLex’s Client Portal, you, your staff & your clients get a two-way messaging system entirely within the tight security of CosmoLex Cloud. And all activities are logged within your CosmoLex Matter Records. Automatic Accountability plus Airtight Security provide a new level of Safety — for your firm & your clients.

Fast, Easy Client Payments

CosmoLex removes ALL barriers for clients to pay on time. Easy-to-understand, detailed invoices are instantly delivered to the Client Portal. With built-in credit card processing, your client can pay right-on-the-spot via the Internet. This kind of exceptional convenience helps clients pay quickly — improving your cash flow.

You Are Always In Control

No worries. CosmoLex doesn’t let clients see anything that they shouldn’t. You control every aspect of how the Client Portal works — including which clients get access and which records are available. Clients can only “view” these records — they can’t alter them. Each shared record displays a special icon in CosmoLex to ensure that you always know what is being shared and what is not. You can revoke access to a single record, an entire group of items, or even the entire portal in a single click.