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Custom Fields

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Custom Fields To Personalize Your Practice

Your practice is unique. CosmoLex lets you work the way that’s right for you — not according to an arbitrary, predefined structure. CosmoLex Custom Fields give you the power of complete customization for everything from collecting matter and contact data to creating specialized document templates.

Customization Made Easy

You can use CosmoLex’s comprehensive set of standard matter and contact fields to get started on day one. What about your law firm’s specialized needs? No problem. Adding your own custom fields is easy. Simply choose the type of field needed (e.g., “date”, “dropdown”, “text”), create a label, and start using your new field for data collection and document production.

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Custom Fields for Custom Documents

There are no limits to the kinds of specialized document templates your firm can construct from CosmoLex Custom Fields. Once you’ve created your custom fields, simply download a database of merge fields into Microsoft Word, create your custom document template, and upload your new document to your personal template library in CosmoLex. In a matter of moments, your entire office can have standardized document templates at their fingertips.

Custom Reports Powered by Intuitive Search

Make smart business decisions for your law firm by using custom reports that are made for your unique situation. The powerful, system-wide search and filter capabilities of CosmoLex give your practice extraordinarily deep data mining capabilities. Create custom fields to capture the data that is important to you or to help label information intuitively — the way you tend to think of it (e.g., “unresolved”, “high priority”, etc.). Then, filter and export your data in a format that makes data analytics easy to understand.

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