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CosmoLex Helps Firms Sharpen their Competitive Edge

Time is money and Rakesh Kabra, president of CosmoLex, says his firm’s practice management system is geared to saving lawyers both.

The company offers value to Canadian legal firms — both large and small — by reducing the time needed for the upkeep of the business side of their operations, Kabra tells

CosmoLex’s features also provide peace of mind knowing that while data is stored securely in servers in Ontario, it’s accessible by firm lawyers from anywhere at any time, he says.

The document management system allows lawyers to focus on their core business — providing the best legal service to their clients, Kabra says.

“And that is possible because of the cloud,” he says.

Kabra says CosmoLex gives its clients an edge through its billing software, practice management software, and accounting software.

“And we provide the added peace of mind that your data is in Canada, stored under Canadian jurisdiction,” he says.

“We are the only recognized cloud provider in the country that offers all three functions in a single application,” Kabra says.

Lawyers can also rest assured that the CosmoLex management system keeps a firm audit ready, he adds.

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