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Tech Tip #28: Use the Cloud to Boost Your Firm’s Efficiency & Stay Competitive

Today’s lawyer needs the benefits of modern technology to grow their firm and gain a competitive edge. Canadian lawyers are recognizing this, moving to the cloud to increase efficiency and free up time to focus on billable hours. The cloud eliminates IT headaches with automatic updates and backups and gives you access to the latest tech like mobile access and automated workflows – all while helping you maintain Law Society compliance. Learn more about Why Canadian Lawyers are Finally Moving to the Cloud.

CosmoLex Team

CosmoLex is a leading legal practice management solution that is trusted by thousands of law firms across North America. CosmoLex is a single solution that lets solo legal professionals & small law firms manage their practice, billing, AND accounting all in one login, on any device, at any time. CosmoLex users can eliminate the need to maintain multiple programs because CosmoLex does it all -- including time & expense tracking, billing, business accounting, trust (IOLTA) accounting, calendaring, task, email & document management, even secure client communications -- in one web-based application.